New Orleans Jazz and Pop Harp Weekend Course Descriptions:

All courses are
Pedal and Lever Harp Friendly.


CLASS 1: It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Don’t Move Those Levers/Pedals

Are you limiting your playing to one key, no accidentals and certainly no lever/pedal slides? Come to this hands on workshop and get the most out of your levers/pedals by playing in many keys, modulating and even jazzing it up.

CLASS 2: Hey, I know that song!!!

When the audience recognizes a piece of music, there is a different connection and part of the challenge is to pick songs that will stand the test of time. Still there are times that you just want to play the latest top hits on the radio; this class will work on the tools to learn a top hit quickly and get the most from the instant popularity these songs achieve.


CLASS 1: Think outside the Accompaniment Box

Find new and creative ways to accompany a band, singer, instrumentalist, etc. Add cool new rhythms, bass lines, vamps, etc. to your repertoire.


CLASS 2:  Improvising on a Gospel Tune

This uniquely American genre draws its roots from the African American church choir. This tradition is said to be the first inspiration for the birth of Jazz. We can make these songs our own by adding a few colorful touches, using blue notes, exotic scales, counter melodies and answering melodic lines.


CLASS 1: Just Make Music

Let loose, relax, don’t overthink. Anyone can jam no matter their level. This class is a hands on experience of just making music together with other harpists. Rebecca will help you figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to use this to your advantage when making music with others.


CLASS 2:  Writing Your Own Lead Sheet

Have trouble memorizing what to do? Or knowing what to do when other instrumentalists ask you to play with no music? This class will show you how to write simple melodies and chord charts of songs you are asked to play with others.


CLASS 1: Jazz Standards

There are a few Jazz tunes that most all jazz players know.  We will look into a couple of the more lever harp friendly ones.


CLASS 2: New Orleans Blues

Jazz comes from blues, among other things... We will play some of the more traditional New Orleans Blues tunes that are played by the traditional jazz bands around town.


Making H(arp)story

Translating your personal imprint into playing. We each have unique beginnings and approaches to the harp, and no two musicians are alike. The things we identify as our own blockages can actually be our best assets when we examine them closely, and can serve to deepen our expression.


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